Thursday, July 17, 2008

Now it's too cold!

This week I finally returned to the wonderful hobby that summer so rudely interrupted. Now it's cold and all I can think about is warm, soft, lovely wool. I decided to get back into the hobby by returning to the wonderful KnittingHelp site, where I've been going into the KnitChat application, under the nickname Prazzie. I've already made a new friend on Ravelry - jedwards - who incidentally has knitted a fan! He spotted my earlier post and told me that yes, you can knit one :)

It's far too cold for me to think of fans now, however. It's time for hats, scarves, coats and blankets. Here is a gorgeous throw that caught my eye:

As lovely as that is, a friend showed me a pattern for this jacket in a magazine tonight:

I went out to buy the magazine right after I left her, because that's so pretty. I love the colour.

I'll decide what to make next, probably this coat, but maybe a hat, I'll see which yarn calls out to me the loudest. Now I'm going to while away some time on Ravelry, while my new Soot Sprite looks on from atop the monitor.


ekgheiy said...

Oooo - that afghan looks enticing.

Hey - What happened with the belly warmer? Did you end up making one?

Prazzie said...

ekgheiy! I'm so glad to see you again. The belly warmer is still on my mind, but I haven't knitted it yet. I still have everything I need in my stash, and I've been thinking about knitting it after I've knitted the coat. So my current queue looks like this: braided hood, coat, belly warmer, but I might start it alongside one of the other projects.

I've been sitting in front of the pc with a hot water bottle on my tummy lately, so I really do need one!

When I do knit it, I might add the pattern to Ravelry if it's successful. I'm really happy to see you're still around :)