Monday, December 24, 2007

Can you knit a fan?

I've read about people storing their knitting during the summer months, particularly storage tips on how to prevent creases from forming in half-completed projects. I didn't understand why a season would prevent people from knitting.

Cue one of the hottest summers I can ever remember. I don't want to think about wool. I would walk around naked, but it's been so hot that nudity wouldn't even help. (I'm not kidding, recently it was so hot and humid, I had difficulty breathing. I should move to Finland.)

I have packed up my knitting and stored it away safely. I am thus entering into a period of no-knitting limbo, until the weather plays fair again. Our summer lasts from December to February.

In the meantime, the tips for knitting project storage: gently roll your work, to prevent creases from forming. Store all your stitches on one needle, don't stop knitting in the middle of a row.