Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not going well.

Hmm. Cast on 17 stitches. Done. Knit every row. Done, except I'm only halfway to the final length and I just don't see this working. I know my head. There is no way that narrow little flap will cover more than half of it, no matter how I fold it. I'm going to frog it and start with more stitches. The worst that could happen is I'm going to have a roomier hood. I can handle that. If it turns out to be worse than this thin little strip, I'll frog that too.

*puzzled* But the gauge is correct! Whaaaa!

At least this is mindless enough that I can watch tv at the same time. I was watching a fascinating program about insects, they showed bees killing a wasp (I think) scout by piling on top of it and vibrating to generate heat. The wasp can't handle as much heat as bees can, so they almost kill themselves in order to save the nest. It's AMAZING! Ok, off to frog...

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